A Fishing Experience Like No Other!

First Kimberley Barramundi Trip 2019

A small snippet of some of the action on our Barramundi safari's up the Kimberley.

2019 Exmouth Trip

A few of our Singaporean friends getting stuck into some billfish action out of Exmouth!

Scott Reef GT Extravaganza 2018 aboard Reel Teaser

Some epic action aboard reel teaser on our last trip out to Scott Reef!

Exmouth to Broome 2018

From Exmouth to Broome via the Rowley Shoals and Monte Bello Islands, what a way for Chris Rushford to spend his 21st!

Reel Teaser Rowley Shoals 2017

Our 2017 Bluewater adventures at the Rowley Shoals, Massive GT's, Pods of Sailfish and much much more, ENJOY!!

Reel Teaser Kimberley Barra Season 2017

Our 2017 barra season was nothing short of spectacular! with lots of repeat clients and a few new groups everyone had an amazing time and caught plenty of fish. The Kimberley is like nowhere else from waterfalls and Aboriginal art to big Barramundi and Giant Threadfin Salmon theres something for everyone! So heres the highlights, we hope you enjoy watching them as much as we did living them!

ReelTeaser X Christchurch Grammar 2017

The year 10 + 11 boys from Christchurch Grammar down in perth came up to Broome for a 5 day local fishing experience! They sure got that, catching everything from mud crabs to sailfish they did it all!

Exmouth to Broome 2017

Our relocation trip from Exmouth to Broome is a cracker every year! We cover absolutely everything from diving for crays in the shallows to targeting large blue marlin and broadbill in waters exceeding 1000m!

GAMEX 2017 Teaser

Gamex and the AIBT are Western Australias most prestigious Sportfishing Tournaments, With Gamex taking place over 6 days of fishing and the AIBT over 3. Come and join us as we experience some of the best game fishing Australia has to offer right on our doorstep!

Rowley Shoals Fishing Adventure #6

Our last trip to Rowley Shoals for 2016 with browny and the crew,The inside fishing was red hot with up to 200 fish caught in a session (all on lures) from coral trout to Humpys the boys got it all!

Ashmore Reef Exploratory Trip 2016

For many years Rosco has wanted to Adventure further north to the reef systems surrounding Ashmore, we spent 10 days between scott and the further reaches of the Ashmore system and this is what we came up with!

Rowley Shoals Fishing Adventure #5

Andrew and his crew came all the way from Victoria to experience what the Rowley Shoals has to offer. Besides a couple of days of howling wind we managed to get them all onto some of the world class fishing that is on offer at the Shoals! ENJOY

Scott Reef Sports Fishing #5

What happens when you take a crazy bunch of mad keen Chinese fishermen to Scott Reef??? The answer is you catch and eat a load of fish, the whole fish that is!! Check out some of the action and thanks to the guys for such a great trip...

Scott Reef Sports Fishing #4

Doug and his 3 sons celebrated his 75th birthday whilst fishing this awesome destination. A massive GT, monster Dogtooth and multiple Sailfish were just a few of the highlights.

Scott Reef Sportsfishing #3

We ventured back to Scott Reef to enjoy some great popper sessions on Trout, Red Bass and many other reef species. Pelagic action was also good for Yellowfin and Wahoo. Here is a glimpse of the action...

Rowley Shoals Fishing Adventure #4

Our first trip out to the Shoals for 2016 and the fish were definately on the chew with plenty of sails about and a few good sized GT's to 30kg, Plus the countless other species in between! sit back and enjoy a few minutes of red hot action!

Reel Teaser Kimberley Adventures #8

Choco and his crew are back for a week of non stop action! fishing,sightseeing,swimming these guys were keen to do it all

Reel Teaser Kimberley Adventure #7

A great mixture of fishing and seeing all of the world class sites that the Kimberley has to offer kept the boys busy for this 7 day Kimberley expedition!

Reel Teaser Kimberley Barramundi Adventure #6

Enjoy the action from the crew on board Reel Teaser as they catch Barramundi, Threadfin Salmon, Fingermark and Mud Crabs.

Reel Teaser Kimberley Adventures #5

Tim marsh and his crew have been coming back for 8 years in a row chasing barra and this year definitely didn't disappoint, check out some of the highlights!!

Reel Teaser Kimberley Adventures #4

Our first barra trip for 2016 was full of action and plenty of rainy days but that didn't stop everyone from having a great time!

Reel Teasers Exmouth Adventures

Every year we spend the first 3-4 months of the season in exmouth chasing big marlin and the elusive broadbill swordfish whilst getting up to everything in between from diving for crays in the shallows to scoring some of the coasts best waves! check it out and book now for 2017!!

Rowley Shoals

Located 170nm west of Broome the Rowley Shoals are the perfect destination for a secluded getaway to fish, snorkel and relax without any crowds.

Rowley Shoals Marlin Trip Nov 2015

Leah, Craig and the 2 John's joined the crew on board Reel Teaser to target Blue Marlin at the Rowley Shoals. Enjoy some of the fishing action in this short video

The Reef

Scott Reef is paradise for serious game and sportsfisherman, this is their Adventure

Scott Reef Sportsfishing #2