10 JUN – Barra Competition

in the Kimberley

This was our second Kimberley Trip for the year and another big one being 11 days fishing. We had 2 couples on board, friends from Perth Jim & Tricia along with Tricia’s brother Chris and his wife Corrina from Kalgoorlie. This was also their second Kimberley trip with us and this year more than ever we saw and amazing competition between both the boys and girls but also couples. Our weather was just perfect with the boat hardly rocking all trip. We arrived just after the neap tide which suited our first location, and on our first short arvo session the group landed 5 barra for their efforts. The next day the girls kicked some butt catching 8 Barra to 1 at one of our special spots and bringing the daily total to 14 for the boat.

As the tides built we moved into another area which proved to be some of the best fishing for the trip. Most of the Barra were of a good size averaging 60-82cm along with a number of good QLD Groper and other species caught. Midway through the trip the girls were mostly in the lead on numbers of fish and point scoring as their fish were consistently bigger. Tricia caught the biggest fish of the trip being 91cm up near the fresh water. We also caught some nice Diamond Scale Mullet which we kept for the smoker.

We moved around into some new territory again but the water temp seemed to stay fairly consistent around 27.5 to 28 degrees. Although the day temps have dropped the water temp is still up there and if you find the fish they will be tempted by lure or bait. We find that accuracy of casting is the most important part of targeting Barra and Ross has always been an advocate for baitcasters rather than eggbeaters. He enjoyed rubbing in the fact that the Champion angler for the trip, Corrina was using a baitcaster. Tricia did use one for a while and just about had it nailed (we believe she will have one onboard for next time!!).

During the last few days great numbers of Barra were caught averaging about 17 per day, with the help of one creek in particular that produced some really good fishing. Both boats were able to anchor out the front and had a fantastic morning session enjoying action a plenty from a large number of fish cruising in and out of the creek in the semi dirty water.  This made the competition really interesting seeing what each other were catching!!!

We did some sight casting on the last day but the fish didn’t co-operate and alluded our lures. Lucky though a good pelagic spot produced a number of Brassy Trevally and Queenies to make up for the quiet morning. So the end tally had Corrina as Champ on both number of Barra and points, followed by her partner Chris only 1 fish behind on numbers, Tricia was second on points as she caught the 2 biggest fish but last on numbers, Jim was third on fish numbers but last on points and Chris was third on points. Now you should be really confused!!! Rosco’s tip for the trip “Use a baitcaster!”