Latest Trips

29 AUG – Rowley Shoals

Back out to Rowley Shoals we go for the second time this year for a […]

18 AUG – Rowley Shoals

It’s great to get back out to Rowley Shoals. The guests arrived and as we […]

22 JUN – Barra Break

Chris and Brenda flew in by Helicopter for a quick 4 day Barra fish. This […]

10 JUN – Barra Competition

This was our second Kimberley Trip for the year and another big one being 11 […]

11 May – Barra Action

The boys from SA were back again for their 6th year in a row. Tim, […]

02 APR – Exmouth to Broome

It was that time of year again, time to head north after being away from […]