Latest Trips

04 Apr – Exmouth Relocation

This was supposed to be a relocation trip from Exmouth to Broome but due to […]

19 Oct – Scott Reef

There’s nothing like stacking around $100,000 worth of tackle onto your boat and then heading […]

05 Oct – Rowley Shoals

Now let me set the scene, we had four older gentlemen and two young guys […]

20 Sep – Scott Reef

For our third trip this year to Scott Reef we were joined again by our […]

08 Sep – Scott Reef

We have just completed another great trip to Scott Reef where as usual the weather […]

25 Aug – Scott Reef

Our first Scott Reef trip for the season was a cracker. As we’re always trying […]

13 Aug – Rowley Shoals

We can’t explain how nice it was to get back out to the crystal clear […]

31 July – Kimberley

This was to be our first blue water trip for the year out to Rowley […]

07 Jul – Kimberley

We are so fortunate to be able to work in this special part of our […]

23 Jun – Kimberley

What better way can you think of to escape the cold winter of Melbourne? Noel, […]

09 Jun – Kimberley

The Kimberley has so much to offer. It is not all about the fishing, although […]

23 May – Kimberley

These guys are by far the most dedicated Barra fishing groups we have. Both Tim […]